Russell Crowe’s Illustrious Off Screen Career

Russell Crowe Hero or Wanker

  There’s probably no other actor in the world who is more respected for his work, yet disliked for his off screen persona than Russell Crowe. His characters are wildly varied, richly detailed, and interesting to watch; his performances are artistic and eloquent, often with a stroke of real genius. But when the camera stops [...]

North Korea Official Website $15

North Koreas sad website

  As North Korea never goes out of style as being a source for warranted ridicule here at CitoNews, we have more.   A close inspection of the communist country’s office website has revealed it is driven by a template purchased online for $15.  The site maker then just fills in the blanks.  Thanks to [...]

Mel Gibson Rants … Again

Angry Mel Gibson

  WARNING: Some Mel Gibson language may offend     Writer Joe Eszterhas has released a recording of apparently Mel Gibson ranting like a crazed animal.  Eszterhas claims the recording was taken at Mel’s home in Costa Rica in December 2011.   Starting with Gibson rambling at Eszterhas over the manuscript for The Maccabees. “Why [...]

The Five Men You Need In Your Life

Hmm, What do I need ..

  Most men think that they are God’s gift to women. Further, most think they have what women need and desire, so therefore they are the perfect man. What they need to know, is there is no one man for any woman, he can’t wear that many hats and still be her lover. It would [...]

Aussie PM Loses the Plot

Julia the Liar Gillard

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, also known to Australians as “Juliar” for her constant lack of truth in Government has stooped to an amazing depth to win public support.  Ms Gillard is attempting to buy popular support by fast track direct payments to individuals after a rein of never ending new taxes, including the worlds [...]